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David Cross Walked Off Set and Cried After Colbert Insulted Him Last Night

Things were seemingly going well during Stephen Colbert’s interview with David Cross on last night’s Late Show. For a while it was a perfectly polite and normal chat between the two comedians that included some fun trivia (Cross is the second person Colbert ever interviewed on TV) and a look back on the time they briefly worked together on The Dana Carvey Show. Unfortunately, at one point Colbert said something that made Cross very offended and upset, which led to him walking out on the interview altogether in what was definitely a real tantrum and definitely not a planned bit. Colbert figured out a way to turn things back around, though: serving Cross some first-class flattery. “If anything, what I remember is just hoping you would think anything I said was funny, and the fact that you remembered something I said and thought it was funny means a lot to me. And I just want to say that everything I’ve ever seen you do, with the exception of the guy in Men in Black, was really funny!”

David Cross Gets Extremely Upset with Colbert on Late Show