‘From One Guy to Another’: Worth 18 Minutes

Comedians and longtime UCB performing partners Jackie Jennings and James Dwyer made a pledge this time last year: to spend one full day traveling from Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Times Square, NYC to Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. They’d document their journey in real time via Facebook Live as they ate at both spots and tried to attract 20,000 new Twitter followers along the way.

Mike Breen agreed to film and score the whole deal, and did he ever.

I won’t spoil anything by spilling the Guy Fieri Infineon Raceway Baked Beans about whether or not Jackie and James reached their goal, but I will say that Mashable wrote a piece on them while on the road. I will also say that I sat and watched From One Guy to Another, for 18:05 straight, mesmerized by Jackie and James’s chemistry and refreshed by their solemn commitment to this bit.

Hell, that music even choked me up a little near the end (shoutout Andrew Breen).

Listen, I’m not superchef Guy Fieri. I’ve got no horse in this race. I just think deciding NOT to watch this may be worse than eating at Guy Fieri’s twice in a 24-hour span, and–as you’ll learn if you heed my advice–that’s very, very bad.

Luke is executive producer at Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

‘From One Guy to Another’: Worth 18 Minutes