Exclusive: Meet the 10 Guests of Hotel Artemis


Let’s do a Hotel Artemis roll call: Jodie Foster. Sterling K. Brown. Jeff Goldblum. Sofia Boutella. Dave Bautista. Brian Tyree Henry. Charlie Day. Jenny Slate. Kenneth Choi. Zachary Quinto. In the crime thriller directed by Drew Pearce, these ten are stuck in a members-only hospital for criminals. Vulture’s exclusive trailer — an homage to one for Robert Altman’s Nashville — runs down the characters: the professional thief (Brown), his bullet-ridden brother (Henry), the emasculated arms dealer (Day), the world’s premiere assassin (Boutella), and more. “Hotel Artemis is a lot of things to a lot of people,” Foster says in the trailer. “See all ten of them, and their one outrageous night.” Hotel Artemis opens June 8.

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Exclusive: Meet the 10 Guests of Hotel Artemis