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A Very English Scandal Trailer: Parliament Can’t Handle Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw’s Steamy Affair

You think this Stormy Daniels situation is bad? Based on the very scandalous “Thorpe affair” that captivated England in the 1970s, the newest BBC miniseries, A Very English Scandal, truly lives up to its name — Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant), a respected Parliament member and leader of the Liberal Party, had a affair with a young male model (Ben Whishaw) early in his career. Thorpe was apparently able to keep the affair at bay for over a decade, but when the model, Norman Scott, became getting a bit chatty when Thorpe’s political prominence began to rise, attempts on his life were made to keep him silenced for good. Who hired the hitman? Did the duo really have an affair? Aren’t they just so cute together? It’ll debut on Amazon Prime later this year in the U.S., thankfully.

Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw Have Steamy Affair This New Show