The Bougiest Things Happening in Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B’s ‘Dinero’ Video

Remember when Jennifer Lopez told you her love don’t cost a thing? Welp, she lied. And her net worth has only since gone up. In her new video for “Dinero,” Jenny has upgraded considerably from the block to a lifestyle where luxury is the 24k-gold standard. Rihanna declared her mood for the summer “more is more,” and now J.Lo, Cardi B, and DJ Khaled have collectively acted accordingly. Let us have a moment for all the bougiest things happening in this video. But quickly now, time is money!

When J.Lo starts her day by chucking a diamond-crusted bowling ball down her mansion hallway

When she barbecues flaming steak in her lingerie, sipping from a bedazzled pimp cup

When she hosts a gambling ring of shirtless men and makes off with all their money

When she roasts marshmallows over a fire of burning cash


When she’s eating a Jersey Mike’s sub on her staircase in an evening gown because she’s rich but not tasteless

When Cardi B shows up playing croquet with actual coin

When she vandalizes her own Lamborghini with dollar signs

When J.Lo and Cardi lounge in bed reading their Time covers

When she wears A-Rod’s uniform but makes it fashion

When you take candlelit baths next to unicorns now

When it’s exhausting being rich and you need a nap

J.Lo and Cardi’s ‘Dinero’ Video: The Bougiest GIFs