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Janet Jackson Is the Fairy Godmother of Vibrators, According to Jenna Dewan

When Jenna Dewan was 19, her dreams came true: She went on tour with Janet Jackson. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, Dewan said, and she and Janet grew close. The music icon was a generous gift-giver, Dewan recalls, especially one Valentine’s Day. “On Valentine’s day — mind you, I’m 19 on tour with Janet, I’m baby baby baby naïve — she gives you a box of um … like, vibrators!” Dewan says, blushing. “A pleasure chest. We all got it, all the dancers. But still, I was like, What is this?! I was mind blown.” No, her name ain’t baby. It’s Janet — Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty, or just in need of a little pick-me-up.

Janet Jackson Is the Fairy Godmother of Vibrators