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Bronx Queens J.Lo and Cardi B Collaborate on New Song ‘Dinero’

J.Lo and Cardi B. Photo: Getty Images

They just want the d … inero, okurrrr? Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B — “Two bad bitches that came from the Bronx,” according to Cardi’s rap — have exited the 6 train to deliver a bop. “Dinero,” featuring DJ Khaled, brings J.Lo and Cardi together on a new money-moves anthem. “Yo quiero, quiero dinero, ay,” Lopez chants on the chorus. These Bronx queens can’t come to the phone right now … they’ve got to “merengue to the money, bachata to the bank!” We’re still waiting for Jennifer Lopez to reclaim her spot atop the throne of romantic comedies, but until then, stream “Dinero” below:

Bronx Queens J.Lo and Cardi B Release New Song ‘Dinero’