Joe Pera, Seth Meyers, and Gene the Cameraman Have a Chat on ‘Late Night’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Joe Pera returns to chat with Seth Meyers about his new Adult Swim series Joe Pera Talks With You. “I know it’s not a good title, but Agents of SHIELD was already taken. Each episode kind of has its own title and subject matter. For instance, episode 2, ‘Joe Pera Takes You to Breakfast,’ in which I show people how to pick out the perfect Saturday morning breakfast and eat with your breakfast crew. Episode 3, ‘Joe Pera Takes You for a Fall Drive,’ in which I take viewers on a fall drive and show them how to properly bury their pumpkins after Halloween. Episode 4, ‘Joe Pera Shows You How to Dance,’ in which I show viewers what to do if they’re at a coworker’s wedding and don’t know anybody. Episode 5—” “We don’t have to do all of them,” Meyers cuts in. “I think the breadth of it has revealed itself.” Stay tuned until later in the interview, where Late Night cameraman and Joe Pera Talks With You actor Gene Kelly comes on to chat about what it’s like to get into acting and work with Pera on the new show.

Joe Pera, Seth Meyers, and Gene the Cameraman Have a […]