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Thank Gotti for These Videos of John Travolta Dancing With 50 Cent at Cannes

Go Gotti, it’s ya birthday. Photo: Gisela Schober/Getty Images

In a surprising twist, Kevin Connolly’s Gotti has become the cinematic gift that keeps on giving: After the release-date drama, last-minute reprieve, and news that the movie’s score was composed by Pitbull, Gotti’s Cannes premiere did not disappoint. 50 Cent walked the red carpet, apparently pitched his own $80 million movie, and performed at Gotti’s after-party. John Travolta, who has been known to shake a tail feather in his day, danced to 50’s “Just a Lil Bit.” (Yes, this is the best thing that’s happened at Cannes this year outside of Jean-Luc Godard pulling an “I don’t know her.”) See footage from Gotti’s festivities below:

You deserve to see that from another angle, too:

And how about one more, just to focus on Travolta’s neck work:

Gotti director Kevin Connolly, of Entourage fame, also danced to 50 Cent. (Inexplicably, Connolly’s friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire seemingly were not in attendance.)

Tuesday night at Cannes — it’s for the boys!

Watch John Travolta Get Down to 50 Cent at Cannes