Kim Cattrall Is Returning to American TV for a CBS All Access Fairy-Tale Thriller

Kim Cattrall.

Kim Cattrall isn’t making a new Sex and the City movie, but she is apparently up for making a show for the online version of CBS, which’ll be her first American TV show since the HBO series ended. The network announced today that Cattrall is joining the cast of CBS All Access’s new show Tell Me a Story, a psychological thriller that’ll riff on fairy tales The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel. She’ll play Colleen an “unlikely and very nontraditional grandmother” who happens to be a former chorus girl and who must “protect her family against a very dark and sinister threat.” Meanwhile, the show will also star Billy Magnussen as “young high school teacher who is handsome, seductive, and quite possibly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Might he be the threat? Watch out for Billy, Kim!

Kim Cattrall to Star in a CBS All Access Fairy-Tale Thriller