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Late Night Tries to Make Sense of Rudy Giuliani’s Recent Trump-Defense Tour

Well, maybe Seth Meyers put it best during his Monday night segment on Rudy Giuliani’s nonstop news appearances, presumably intended to aid President Trump in handling his ongoing Stormy Daniels scandal. Said the Late Night host, “This burrito is really falling apart.”

No matter your own personal feelings about Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly paying the porn actress $130,000 to keep quiet about her affair with the president, we can all agree Rudy Giuliani doesn’t know what his own personal feelings about the alleged affair are, or should be. Which really unfortunate, because he keeps going on the news and talking about it.

Concludes Seth Meyers, “What this episode should make blindingly obvious, if it hadn’t already been obvious for years since he first claimed that Obama wasn’t born here, is that Trump and his inner circle are serial, habitual liars.” Says Meyers. “They lie constantly and they do it on purpose. This case is as clear-cut as you can possibly get, and the media need to call these what they are: lies.”

Over on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert also ponders Giuliani’s “momentary oopsie-truth-y,” which he later attempted to play off while a guest on This Week with George Stephanopoulos by stressing his own uncertainty about what’s rumor and what’s reality. “It can be very hard to separate fact and opinion,” Colbert jokes. “For instance, it’s my opinion that he’s clearly lying, but that is also a fact.”

But in the end, Jimmy Kimmel decides Giuliani is probably an important part of a larger, much more cohesive plan to protect the president’s interests. A plan that, right now, we’re still working on, recently, or it could have been a while back, a plan which, of course, is more rumor than it is anything else. We can’t prove it’s fact.

Late Night Tries to Make Sense of Rudy Giuliani’s Trump Tour