Lauryn Hill Snatched Back Custody of ‘Ex-Factor’ by Putting Her Own Twist on Drake’s ‘Nice for What’

Surely you didn’t think Ms. Lauryn Hill — who famously prohibited Kanye from sampling her vocals on “All Falls Down” (in retrospect, maybe she knew something we didn’t?) — would just let Drake use her music for his “Nice for What” beat without reminding us who’s boss? During Hill’s set at the Apollo Monday night, the legend jumped out: “See this is ‘Ex-Factor’/He took the sample/My shit is classic/Here’s an example,” she sang, in place of Drake’s regular chorus. “Stop acting like you didn’t grow up singing my songs,” Hill rapped. “I swooped down on the bitch like I had wings on my arms.” The Boy made a song celebrating women, and now he’s been rightly put in his place.

Lauryn Hill Covers Drake, Takes Back Custody of ‘Ex-Factor’