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David Letterman Gives Seth Meyers a Very Tiny, Very Creepy Gift on Late Night

When you’re invited as a guest to something, it’s always a nice idea to bring a gift, which is exactly what David Letterman did for his visit to last night’s Late Night. After chatting with Seth Meyers about Mike Pence (“He looks like the guy at a funeral home that would try to sell you the most expensive casket”) and a now-deceased surfing goat named Raisin, Letterman presented his thoughtful gift: a real live tick that he pulled off of his back earlier this week. “Anybody here ever had Lyme disease? I’m doing this to promote epidemiological health and awareness,” Letterman says. “Look, he’s still alive! He was sealed in a Ziploc bag. And by the way, don’t you think I should get a little money from the Ziploc people? Come on!”

Check out some more clips from the interview below:

Letterman Gave Seth Meyers a Very Tiny, Very Creepy Gift