Exclusive: Listen to the Mean Girls Musical’s Song About Being in Love and Therefore Bad at Math

Broadway’s musical adaptation of Mean Girls brings Tina Fey’s 2004 movie into the present with jokes about smartphones and Donald Trump, but some things are constant, like pretending to be dumb to get boys. In “Stupid With Love,” Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen) starts to fall for the very grool Aaron Samuels (Kyle Selig). Consumed by “calculust,” she loses a grip on calculus. You can listen to the song, written by Jeff Richmond (music) and Nell Benjamin (lyrics), who earned one of the musical’s 12 Tony nominations for their work on its score. “Stupid With Love” will be available to purchase at midnight tonight, while the full cast album will come out on digital platforms May 18. Get excited for Karen’s song about slutty Halloween costumes.

Listen to the Mean Girls Musical’s Song About Love and Math