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Michael B. Jordan Kept a Killmonger Diary to Get in Touch With His Feelings

Be forewarned: You are not prepared for Michael B. Jordan’s hoarse, post–Met Gala voice that accompanies his newest too-small sweater on this late-night appearance. This sounds like the smoothest hangover ever heard by human ears, a hangover you’d would invite — nay, welcome! — into your home. (Armie Hammer’s voice: You’ve been put on notice.) But anyway: On the Late Show, Michael B. Jordan told Stephen Colbert about the diaries he kept in character as problematic bae Erik Killmonger during the filming of Black Panther. “His [journey] was particularly dark. It was a very sad journal: not having his mom growing up, he was in and out of the system, foster care, foster homes,” Jordan said. “It’s a lot of dark stuff that’s probably not right for television. It was deep, man. But it allowed me to go to place before a scene.”

Michael B. Jordan Kept a Killmonger Feelings Diary