Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds Are [Explosion!] Making a Giant Movie for Netflix

Ka-BOOM. Photo: Getty Images

Netflix is giving Michael Bay a whole lot of money to make things go boom. Per Variety, the streaming service will co-finance and distribute Bay’s new movie Six Underground, which will star Ryan Reynolds and have a budget of “around $125 million.” (Paramount, which in the past has produced most of Bay’s movies, including Transformers, was outbid.) The movie is based on an original idea from Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, and though the plot hasn’t been released, it will probably include lots of quips and explosions. Bay is planning to shoot the movie back to back with his other project, Robopocalypse, and release Six Underground in 2019. Surely, those explosions will look great when you watch them on Netflix while half-paying attention on a laptop with another tab open.

Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds Are Making a Movie for Netflix