30 for 30

It’s Going to Take 10 Hours for Netflix and ESPN to Tell You Michael Jordan’s Story

The many wrinkles of the O.J. Simpson story required seven hours (and a whole separate anthology series) to tell it. Not to be outdone, ESPN and Netflix will now test your patience by presenting Michael Jordan’s life story in ten hours. They’ve announced The Last Dance, the latest 30 for 30 documentary which has the ambitious premise of chronicling both MJ’s entire rise to becoming the GOAT and how the NBA found cultural ubiquity during his Bulls era. Jason Hehir, who directed HBO’s Andre the Giant doc and 30 for 30: The Fab Five, will helm the project. It’s authorized by Jordan himself, who will be interviewed in the film along with dozens other sports legends. “I want you to feel what I feel,” he says in the film’s deeply nostalgic first trailer — that feeling naturally being all the chills. The Last Dance premieres in ten parts on Netflix and ESPN in 2019.

ESPN, Netflix Announce 10-Hour Michael Jordan 30 for 30