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Michelle Wolf Spoke ‘Truth to Power’ at the Correspondents’ Dinner, Says Bill Maher

Only you can decide whether Michelle Wolf’s divisive White House Correspondents’ Dinner monologue was to your comedic tastes or not. (Regardless, Wolf isn’t apologizing for the jokes. As if.) But after a few days of reflection, Bill Maher is firmly in the Team Wolf camp, saying she fulfilled her duties as a host and then some. “Michelle Wolf I thought did a great job talking truth to power,” he explained on the newest Real Time, reminding viewers that he, too, once hosted the dinner to mixed feedback in 1996. “These people have Groundhog Day syndrome. Every year it’s, Let’s hire a comedian to tell jokes! And the day after it’s, Why did we hire a comedian to tell jokes?!’” The outrage cycle will just never cease to exist in Maher’s eyes: “They were doing the same thing, getting mad at the comedian for telling jokes. They should get a juggler. Something non controversial.” Well, if Trump’s first pick is actually hosting next year, don’t expect too much juggling.

Michelle Wolf Spoke ‘Truth’ at That Dinner, Says Bill Maher