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Netflix Staying in the Stephen King Business With In the Tall Grass Adaptation

James Marsden. Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage

Following Netflix’s strong adaptations of 1922 and Gerald’s Game from last year, the streaming studio is going in for a third Stephen King project. According to Deadline, the novella In the Tall Grass (which King wrote with his son Joe Hill) will be getting a feature-film treatment, with Vincenzo Natali set to write and direct. The story centers on a pair of extremely close siblings who, while driving through Kansas, pull off to the side of the road and hear a young boy screaming for help out in the tall grass. When they run in to help, they find themselves disoriented, separated, and worried there’s no way back out. The protagonists in the novella are around college age, but Deadline reports that James Marsden is in negotiations to star. Now, Marsden is very fresh-faced, but that probably means they’re aging up the main characters a little. For James Marsden, we’ll allow it.

Netflix’s Next King Adaptation Will Be In the Tall Grass