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Friday Night Lights Will Be ‘Reimagined’ With a New Movie

Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor on the Friday Night Lights TV show. Photo: NBC/NBC via Getty Images

Clear eyes, full hearts, will reboot! Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green is in final talks to direct a Friday Night Lights movie, according to Variety. One caveat: it’s not a sequel to the 2004 Billy Bob Thornton movie. Additional caveat: it’s not a continuation of the hit NBC series, starring Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Taylor Kitsch, and Connie Britton’s iconic blonde mane. Variety calls it a “reimagining,” based on H.G. Bissinger’s nonfiction book about the 1988 Permian High School Panthers. The movie won’t feature any of the familiar FNL characters, but we’re strapping up our cleats and getting back on the field, baby!

Universal Will ‘Reimagine’ New Friday Night Lights Movie