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Drake’s Dad Went Ballistic on Wendy Williams, Not Pusha-T, for Calling Out Drake

If there’s a line to be crossed in the Drake–Pusha-T battle, it appears Drake’s dad just moved it up a few inches for Push but no one else. Though it was Push who laid waste to Drake in his new freestyle, dropping insults about his mom, the alleged mother of his child, and, yes, even Dennis Graham himself, that’s not what irked Drake’s dad the most. Instead, it was the simple fact that he tuned into Wendy Williams today expecting to watch a good, wholesome roast of every other celebrity, only to witness her drive a long spit through his son. Though she, of course, couldn’t help but chuckle at Push’s jokes about Drake Sr.’s budget Steve Harvey suits, her worst insults came for Drake.

“You know what, Rihanna, you dodged a bullet with this joker,” she said. “Drake who are you? So, this is what you have to do to be a top contender on radio now? I’m so turned off. So, you don’t write your own music? So, anything you say is not really from your heart.” And of his blackface photo, Wendy asked, “Where was your mother to tell you not to do this?” Taking a page out of Push’s burn book, Dennis then proceeded to go nuclear on Williams in an extended Instagram post, referring to her as “Rupaul Jr.” He wrote, “You know nothing about Drake or Myself, Do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience.”

Naturally, in true rap-beef style, Wendy has already responded.

Now Drake’s Dad Is Beefing With Wendy Williams