Adult Swim Makes a Massive 70-Episode Renewal of Rick and Morty

Photo: Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

Rick and Morty’s last season ended months ago, and given the popularity of the show, it seemed odd that Adult Swim hadn’t announced a fourth-season renewal yet. Fortunately, before fans had a chance to organize a riot outside the network’s offices like the insane Szechuan standoff of 2017, Adult Swim execs have decided to appease them by committing to 70 more episodes. So if they stick to the ten-episode per season format, fans could still be getting new Rick and Morty in 2025. Series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland sort of teased the news this morning on Harmon’s Instagram, where the two men appeared showering together so they could get back to work — for basically an entire decade multiverse of adventures.

Adult Swim Makes a Massive 70-Episode Rick and Morty Renewal