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Rita Moreno Says Elvis Was Nowhere Near As Good As Marlon Brando in Bed

It is no exaggeration to say Rita Moreno is a Hollywood icon. Yes, she has an EGOT, but more importantly, she has stories. Dropping by The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, Moreno talked about her famous relationships with Marlon Brando and Elvis, and happily dished about their sex lives. Brando “was the king of everything. Ev-erything.” Compared to him, Elvis, whom Moreno only agreed to go out with after she discovered Brando was cheating on her, was “amateur night.” “That’s like comparing a 2-year-old and the king!” She said. Only Rita Moreno can get away with calling Elvis “very shy” and “really a sweet fellow,” as if he’s some schmuck she met at school and not Elvis.

Rita Moreno: Elvis Was Nowhere Near As Good As Brando in Bed