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A Donald Trump White House Employee and Aaron Sorkin White House Employee Hung Out

But did they walk and talk? Current White House press secretary and joke receiver Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a hang session with former Deputy Communications Director to President Josiah Bartlet, Rob Lowe, sometime this week, and we have zero idea (1) why this occurred (2) what they discussed. “So fun meeting Rob Lowe. Incredibly talented, funny, and very nice guy,” Sanders wrote on Twitter. “Thanks for entertaining us all these years!” The West Wing cast has been pretty unkind to Sanders over the past few months, which makes this meet-up all the more surprising.

As for Lowe, he hasn’t yet acknowledged their encounter, instead tweeting about one of the greatest bands of the 20th century.

Suddenly we have a strong craving for Cuervo Gold.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Hanging Out With Rob Lowe