Frightened Rabbit Front Man Scott Hutchison Found Dead at 36

Scott Hutchison. Photo: Frank Hoensch/Redferns

Scott Hutchison, front man of the Scottish indie-rock band Frightened Rabbit, has been found dead at 36, NPR reports. Hutchison disappeared from Edinburgh’s Dakota Hotel Tuesday night after posting two cryptic tweets, spurring a search campaign on social media from fans and bandmates. His body was found Thursday night in Port Edgar, 45 minutes outside the city.

Raised in Glasgow, Hutchison founded Frightened Rabbit as a solo project in 2003, with his brother Grant and three other bandmates eventually joining. (The name came from Hutchison’s mother’s nickname for him.) The band broke out with their second album, 2008’s The Midnight Organ Fight, which introduced their marriage of emotionally raw lyrics about depression, suicide, and anonymous sex, to a cathartic sound that blended American rock and Scottish “Big Music.” But though the album made their career, as Hutchinson told The Guardian the following year, “we have found ourselves in the rather Bush-y position of being more popular in the United States than in the U.K.”

In lyrics and interviews, Hutchison was open about his struggles with mental health. In a recent sit-down with Noisey, he described his emotional state as “a solid six out of ten,” adding, “I don’t know how often I can hope for much more than that. I’m drawn to negatives in life, and I dwell on them, and they consume me. I don’t think I’m unique in that sense. I’m all right with a six. If I get a couple of days a week at a seven, fuck, it’s great.”

Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison Found Dead at 36