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Seth Meyers Also Can’t Believe That Sean Hannity Can Do Journalism

Rudy “Mulberry Street Dracula” Giuliani caused Republicans to go into a tizzy this week, when he appeared on Hannity to spill the beans on how much Donald Trump actually knew about that Stormy Daniels payoff. (Hint: a lot!) But Seth Meyers doesn’t want to discuss the ramifications of these bombshell Fox News interviews too much. Instead, he’s just so charmed that Sean Hannity responded to Giuliani’s admissions by being totally and completely gobsmacked that he actually got a scoop. “You know Hannity can’t believe he accidentally made news on his show,” he explained on Late Night. “Sean Hannity is the only guy who’d say, Dear god, what have I done! When what he has done is journalism.” The evidence is in the off-camera sounds. Fast-forward to 5:25 to see for yourself.

Seth Meyers Can’t Believe That Hannity Can Do Journalism