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Sarah of Republican Past Meets Sarah of Republican Present on SNL, and They’re Both Miserable!

Sarah Palin isn’t waxing poetic about those sweet, sweet Russia views from her Alaska house anymore, because she’s here to serenade some people in Donald Trump’s inner circle — Chorus Line style! — about their complicity in the current state of our country. (But first, let’s check in with what Palin’s up to: “Here’s a refresher. I was the first female on a Republican presidential ticket and now I get paid to tweet for Bass Pro Shops.”) How poignant that the first person she encounters is her fellow Sarah, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but the press secretary and her smoky eye starts to unravel, and fast. “Kiss White House goodbye / And point me towards Fox News,” she belts. “I did what he said to do / And I might regret what I did for Trump.”

SNL’s Sarah Palin, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bond Over Misery