Audience Member Livetweeted Greta Gerwig’s Reactions to I Feel Pretty

Greta Gerwig. Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon around 4 p.m., Greta Gerwig allegedly finally caught Amy Schumer’s latest romantic comedy I Feel Pretty and she was not holding back on her reactions. Jaye Hunt, a director and podcaster, claimed on Twitter that the Lady Bird filmmaker and her friends were in the same mostly empty movie theater watching the flick. Hunt, who happened to be seeing the movie alone and noticed that no one was sitting behind her, kept her phone out with the social-media app open. After noting Gerwig’s snack choice (the biggest soda possible), Hunt decided to livetweet the actor’s viewing experience. It would seem the Oscar nominee has no qualms about talking through a movie. Here’s Hunt’s account of Gerwig’s gasps, “ughs,” cackles, and original commentary.

Someone Tweeted Greta Gerwig’s Reactions to I Feel Pretty