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Sorry to Bother You, But the Sorry to Bother You Trailer Is Here

In 2018 America, the debate over “selling out” seems almost as absurd as, say, a group of screaming horse-men with huge exposed dicks. That’s presumably why writer-director Boots Riley employed them (alongside other absurd, surreal elements) in his upcoming comedy Sorry to Bother You. Lakeith Stanfield stars as Cassius Green, a struggling telemarketer who makes it big when he discovers the secret to success: sounding white over the phone. Based on the trailer, the secret might also be flushing your client’s toilet while he’s still on it, dealing with a coked-out, gun-toting Armie Hammer, or any number of horrible things you’d promised yourself you’d never do. But as Cassius’s revolutionary girlfriend Detroit, played by Tessa Thompson, might put it: How morally emaciated are you willing to get for a nine-figure salary? Sorry to Bother You will hit theaters July 6.

The Redband Sorry to Bother You Trailer Is Here