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The Rock Charges Studios $1 Million If They Want Him to Tweet About the Movie He’s In

The Rock. Photo: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Tired: posting a regular thirst trap on Instagram, as the Good Pope Rihanna decrees. Wired: Adding “social-media fee” to your multimillion-dollar movie salary. For his next project Red Notice, Variety reports that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson will be paid around $22 million. A million of that money is just to ensure the Rock promotes his own movie on his own Instagram. Per Variety: “Want access to Johnson’s 104 million Instagram followers? It’s going to cost you. The Rampage star is asking for a $1 million social-media fee as part of his package for the upcoming Red Notice; that includes promoting the film on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.” A respectable hustle!

For a cool mil, you can have your studio’s movie promoted on The Rock’s feeds, perhaps popping up between a tweet (correctly) chastising DJ Khaled for not performing oral sex and an Instagram where Johnson refers to Billions star Paul Giamatti as his “good bud.” Speaking of Billions — can we get a Billions-Ballers crossover?

The Rock Charges Studios $1 Mil to Tweet About Movie He’s In