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Nathan Fillion Is Trying His Best As a New Police Officer in The Rookie Teaser

Last fall, The Rookie was given a straight-to-series order by ABC, because of course you bet on the charm of Nathan Fillion to carry an hour-long drama on network TV. For you Castle fans out there who have been waiting for Fillion to solve more crimes, meet John Nolan, a man who decides to finally pursue his dream of joining the LAPD after an incident prompts him to make big life changes. Though his rakish charisma is as strong as ever, no, time has not turned backward to turn Fillion into a spry 20-something greenhorn cop. He’s a middle-aged man who is the oldest recruit on the force, and none of the higher-ups take him seriously. Can he prove them wrong and prove to himself that he’s still capable of growing and thriving in the face of adversity? Probably, but you have at least one guaranteed season to figure it out.

The Rookie Teaser Stars Nathan Fillion As a Cop in Training