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The Sinner Season Two Teaser: Look Who’s Sinning Now (It’s Carrie Coon)

USA Network’s The Sinner, the show you know best from those ads where Jessica Biel looks cold and wet in a T-shirt, is refocusing in its second season to be about Carrie Coon wearing sweaters and being icy. That’s what we can glean from the new teaser for the show’s second season, which’ll bring Bill Pullman’s detective into a new mystery — “parents murdered by their 11-year-old son (Elisha Henig), with no apparent motive” — in his rural New York hometown. There, he also contends with Carrie Coon’s new character Vera (amazing name, we love it), who is running a commune that everyone thinks is actually a cult. Look at how she puts her hand on someone’s face in this teaser. Wouldn’t you commit terrible moral wrongs in her name? Don’t answer that. The Sinner season two premieres August 1.

The Sinner Season Two Teaser: Carrie Coon’s Sinning Now