Tim Baltz Preaches for the Church of MAGA on ‘The Opposition’

During last night’s episode of The Opposition, Jordan Klepper came to the defense of a man named Greg Piatek who recently made news after he was kicked out of a Manhattan bar in 2017 while wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat” because he was being verbally abusive to the bar staff, then he had his lawyer argue in court it was discrimination because his MAGA hat was “part of his spiritual belief.” Unfortunately for Piatek, the “spiritual belief” defense didn’t hold up in court because political discrimination is not something that’s protected by law.

“Supporting President Trump is not a religion? Wanna bet? We follow an all-powerful being, expect him to do the impossible, and ignore all empirical evidence. Plus every Sunday we study his divine words to try and figure out who he might fire next. Sure sounds like a religion to me!” Klepper says before welcoming back Citizen Journalist and faithful MAGA Church member Tim Baltz. “MAGA is our creed and President Trump is our savior. And sure, Jesus could turn water into wine, but Trump can turn a casino into an abandoned building. A casino losing money? That’s a miracle!” Baltz says. Inspired by Piatek’s martyrdom, Baltz heads to one of the many newly-appointed holy sites – a New York City bar – to practice MAGAism in its truest form.

Tim Baltz Preaches for the Church of MAGA on ‘The […]