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The House That Jack Built Trailer: Lars von Trier Is Back, and Bloody

After a soft ban from the Cannes Film Festival following his infamous Melancholia press conference, director Lars von Trier is back at the fest this week with his new serial-killer tale The House That Jack Built, which stars Matt Dillon as the titular slayer. Ahead of its world premiere, von Trier has released a trailer for the film, and it’s not for the faint of heart: Press play, and you’ll watch Dillon attack Uma Thurman, taunt Riley Keough, and drag all sorts of dead bodies in all sorts of ugly ways. Word is out that the film would be hypergruesome, but who’d expect von Trier to do anything by half-measures? There’s even a rumor that paramedics will be on hand for swooning moviegoers at the Cannes premiere, but we’ll see if the press proves hardier when The House That Jack Built screens for us on the Croisette tomorrow morning.

Watch Matt Dillon in The House That Jack Built Trailer