The Bluths Are the ‘Family of the Year’ in Arrested Development’s Season 5 Trailer

Photo: Netflix

How much does it cost to get a Netflix subscription, Michael? $10? (Well, actually …) Arrested Development’s long-awaited season five will officially be premiering on May 29. And good grief almighty, a trailer has just dropped, which gives us some tidbits of what’s to come for those crazy Bluths: (1) Lindsay’s running for political office! (2) Maeby dyed her hair gray! (3) Tobias blew himself for the first time in five years! (4) They may also be the Family of the Year?

Jeffrey Tambor will remain in a leading capacity as the family’s patriarch, George Sr., despite allegations of sexual harassment on his other series, Transparent. “In making and promoting seasons four and five of Arrested Development, Jeffrey has always been totally professional,” Netflix boss Ted Sarandos told The Hollywood Reporter. He also confirmed that Tambor will be in attendance at all of the show’s media appearances.

There It Is: Watch the Arrested Development Season 5 Trailer