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Excuse Me, Which Spice Girl Did Justin Timberlake Hook Up With?

Today, in decades-old pop-star tea that’s just been waiting to be spilled, Ellen DeGeneres has gotten the dirt on a very juicy girl group–boy band union. Hot off of their Hollywood Walk of Fame induction, ‘N Sync stopped by Ellen for a little game of Never Have I Ever in which they revealed that they’ve all done the deed on their tour bus (but never to their own music, because that would be too much), some are Mile High Club members, and, oh yeah, Justin Timberlake hooked up with a Spice Girl. Wait, what? He was sheepish about this particular admission at first, but Ellen eventually got him to admit it.

Unfortunately, Ellen fails us in her lack of follow-up. Which Spice Girl, Justin???? Victoria Beckham did once let it slip that Timberlake approached the girls way back when and asked if ‘N Sync could sing for them, proceeded to win their hearts, but that no phone numbers were exchanged. But when has that ever prevented a hookup? We now invite you to stare endlessly at this throwback photo and analyze all evidence of flirtation.

Update: It was almost definitely Baby Spice! Emma Bunton once described having a fling with Timberlake to Jonathan Ross in 2004: “We’ve been hanging out and having fun. We partied a bit, he was very sweet.” What a blast from the best past.

Um, Which Spice Girl Did Justin Timberlake Hook Up With?