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A Stranger Things Prequel Novel Is on the Way, and the Teens Might Just Save Publishing

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

First, books were adapted into shows, and now shows are adapted into books. According to Deadline, the latest pop-culture phenomenon to get a print canon is Stranger Things, as Netflix has signed a deal with Penguin Random House to deliver a new line of print options for fans. The first two to arrive will be a companion reader with behind-the-scenes content (called Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion) and a “hardcover gift book for young readers,” both scheduled for fall releases. Then, next spring fans can look forward to a prequel novel, which will focus on Eleven’s mom and the top-secret government MKUltra program that turned her daughter into a weapon of the state, followed by additional novels for both adults and kids to be released next year. Season three of Stranger Things doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

A Stranger Things Prequel Novel Is on the Way