Alec Baldwin Invites Melania Trump to Join Him on Saturday Night Live

Oh, the hay they would make out of that Zara jacket! If First Lady Melania Trump is looking for a way to publicly counteract the bad press she received after wearing the now-infamous “I Really Don’t Care” coat to visit detained migrant children in Texas, Alec Baldwin has just the (uncomfortably worded) ticket: Join him on Saturday Night Live. Oh, and also renounce her husband’s administration and all it stands for.

“Dear Melania-We know what you’re thinking. What you’re feeling,” Baldwin tweeted on Saturday. “You are quaking w anticipation. Shuddering w a strange, newfound courage. Come. Come over to the light. We will welcome you as a hero in ways you never imagined possible. And then do SNL w me.”

Of course, the question is, would Melania really want to appear on a show that depicts Donald Trump as a despotic buffoon and her own life as that of a captured princess? Hey, her husband already got to do an episode, so why not? It only seems fair.

Alec Baldwin Invites Melania Trump to Join Him on SNL