Anne Hathaway Wants Matthew McConaughey to Kill for Her in Serenity Trailer


Matthew McConaughey is living on a island where “everybody knows everything.” Djimon Hounsou is as handsome as you’ve ever seen him. Jason Clarke is rocking slicked-back hair with oversize sunglasses. And Anne Hathaway is both blonde and out for vengeance. Those are some of the big takeaways of Serenity, a movie about a fishing boat captain living in the Caribbean (McConaughey) whose ex-wife (Hathaway) shows up with her son and is seeking protection from her violent husband (Clarke). She wants to lead him out for a fishing trip into shark-infested waters and then drop him in the water to die, but she needs her last man’s help to do it. It looks sweaty and psychosexual — and it’s also got Diane Lane! Serenity opens October 19.

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Blonde Anne Hathaway Is Out for Blood in Serenity Trailer