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Stephen Colbert Made a Very Special Star Wars Trailer for Kelly Marie Tran’s ‘Hateful’ Trolls

Whether you’re a sexist racist, a racist sexist or simply have nothing of value going on in your life, berating a women of color online is never the answer. Unfortunately, not everybody has gotten the message. Last week, fans noticed The Last Jedi star Kelly Marie Tran had wiped her Instagram, allegedly because of harassment she’s received online. While Tran has yet to publicly confirm or deny the claim, last night Stephen Colbert, himself a huge fan, made a particularly troll-y faux Star Wars trailer as an intergalactic “fuck you” to anyone who tries to use their fandom as a rationale for harassment. Tran’s co-star Daisy Ridley actually deleted her Instagram two years ago because of toxic comments, so maybe next Colbert can recut a trailer where she’s the star of the franchise. Just kidding, the trailers are already cut that way, because that’s just Star Wars now.

Colbert Made a Star Wars Trailer for Kelly Marie Tran Trolls