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Tim Robinson’s Daughter Penny Is a Legendary Comedian in the Making

Tim Robinson stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to promote the new season of his Comedy Central series Detroiters, and this clip from his chat with Meyers is jam-packed with funny stuff. There’s Robinson reminding Meyers that Easter is not “built around having kids and looking for eggs” (“It’s built around Jesus … Google it”). He shares a clip of fellow Saturday Night Live alum Mike O’Brien practicing his stand-up act in front of Robinson’s kids (“I had to be like, ‘Don’t heckle. Only laugh if you think it’s funny. Don’t give him courtesy laughs – make him earn it’”). Perhaps the funniest part of the interview came when Robinson introduced the world to a young and promising comedian who is sure to take the industry by storm soon: his daughter/fart-joke expert Penny. See for yourself:

There are tons of funny Penny clips on Robinson’s Instagram, which I highly recommend you check out before she becomes a superstar:

She can also do impressions!

She’s even good at playing the straight man when it’s her dad’s turn to be funny:

Seriously though, Penny is very funny and I look forward to her getting a Netflix stand-up special ASAP.

Tim Robinson’s Daughter Will Soon Be a Legendary Comedian