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Don’t Ask John Legend About Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Meals

John Legend. Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival

John Legend is not interested in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s dining experience. While leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant with his wife Chrissy Teigen on Wednesday night, John Legend was asked by a TMZ reporter if he believed Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan had gone too far when she fat-shamed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying she’s “not missing any meals, she’ll be all right.” “Ask me ‘Should we be reuniting 2,000 kids with their families?’” Legend replied, referring to the thousands of immigrant children torn from their families under the current administration’s family-separation policy. “Yes, we should.”

“I don’t care about fucking Sarah Sanders,” he went on. “Reunite the fucking kids with their families, then we’ll talk about Sarah Sanders and her fucking dinners.” Legend was also asked about Representative Maxine Waters of California, who urged her supporters to harass Trump administration officials they see in public, and whether he thought she had cost the Democrats the 2018 midterm elections. “That’s ridiculous,” Legend said, signing autographs. “Maxine is an OG and she did a great job. She called them out.” Teigen retweeted a clip of the interaction on Thursday, as well as screenshots of the harassment the couple received after Legend’s comments.

Earlier this week, after Sanders tweeted about having been asked to leave the Red Hen, Teigen replied, “Didn’t you morons get your panties in a wad defending the baker that didn’t want to make cakes for gay couples?” It is unclear how many immigrant children separated from their guardians under the Trump administration’s policy have yet to be reunited with their parents, but on Tuesday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told a congressional committee that 2,047 children remain in HHS custody.

Don’t Ask John Legend About Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s Meals