The Music in Drake’s Scorpion Album Trailer Gets You Ready for Emotional Annihilation

Isolation, longing, confusion, despair. Sounds like another excellent Drake album to us! Also, a very unnerving sci-fi film. If you listened to the moody new trailer for Drake’s upcoming album Scorpion, you undoubtedly noticed that it sounds a lot like the low, unnerving theme from Annihilation. According to Pitchfork, the song used in the trailer is Moderat’s “The Mark (Interlude),” which, you guessed it, was used by musicians Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury for the “The Alien” theme on the film’s soundtrack. Either way, if the trailer is any indication, Drake is definitely going through something. Scorpion is set to drop this Friday, June 29, so looks like we’ll all find out what it is then.

Drake’s Scorpion Trailer Uses Annihilation Music Sample