Fixer Upper Stars to Pay for Allegedly Violating Lead-Paint Protections

Photo: HGTV

Fame has finally turned on HGTV’s Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. The pair’s company, Magnolia Homes, will pay $40,000 to the EPA for alleged lead-paint violations. They are alleged to have not taken the appropriate precautions while renovating homes that contained lead paint in Waco, Texas, for their show. The EPA says that the rules were allegedly violated in 33 different homes, but at least they probably look a lot better.

The violations were noticed because apparently someone at the EPA saw it. The agency said in a statement they had witnessed the violations when they reviewed several seasons of the show, because apparently the EPA has a whole department that’s just people with hangovers binge-watching home-renovation shows with the rest of us. In addition to the fine, Magnolia will pay to produce some lead-awareness bonus content for their web site and social-media accounts. The video will star Chip Gaines and aim to to make fans aware of how to be lead-safe, and hopefully it’ll be ready in time for July 5.

Fixer Upper Stars Fined for Alleged Lead-Safety Violations