Florence and the Machine’s ‘Big God’ Video Is a Big Mood for Being Ghosted

There are music videos and then there are music videos made by Florence “Video Queen” Welch. The difference being that those other peasants make visuals and Florence makes #art. She’s like Beyoncé and Jay-Z occupying the Louvre, except she’s the equivalent of a classical masterpiece on exhibit. Case in point: Florence and the Machine’s new video for “Big God,” a song about the ungodly act of ghosting someone you’ve been texting and is now the unlikely inspiration for one of the year’s best videos. Because this is Florence, ghosting isn’t just rude, it’s a violation of human decency. She’s now harnessed all that internal rage left in the aftermath of being ghosted to further fuel her creative being. Suddenly, Florence can make an army of interpretative dancers draped in rainbow-colored veils levitate. She can also walk on water. Florence is, basically, god. She also choreographed this visual splendor herself with Akram Khan. It’s just one giant flex.

Florence Welch Plays God in Stunning ‘Big God’ Video