Gloria Estefan Will Give Rita Moreno the Archnemesis She Deserves on One Day at a Time

Get on your feet! Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Gloria Estefan, the musical legend also responsible for the God-tier earworm that is Netflix’s One Day at a Time theme song, will appear on the show next season. Netflix announced today that Estefan will play Mirtha, the “baby sister and arch-nemesis” of Lydia (Rita Moreno). Gloria Estefan is 60, while Rita Moreno is 86, which raises a few questions about just how little of a little sister Mirtha is supposed to be, but who cares, we’re getting legends battling legends! We just hope that this doesn’t mean Lydia’s other nemesis Esme (Ivonne Coll) is out of the picture, though of course we wouldn’t put it past Lydia to maintain many feuds at once.

Gloria Estefan Will Play Rita Moreno’s Archnemesis on ODaaT