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Minor Characters in Incredibles 2, Ranked

From left: Krushauer, He-lectrix, Reflux, Elastigirl, and Voyd. Photo: Pixar/Disney/Pixar

The Incredibles universe is one of Pixar’s greatest accomplishments: The 2004 original was full of memorable supporting characters and winning little moments that make the Parr family’s world feel fully fleshed out. Incredibles 2 continues this legacy, building out the sequel with new supers, new normies, and new family drama. Like Black Panther’s coterie of Wakandans, Incredibles 2 presents a fresh, illustrious group of minor characters: As the Incredibles have gone underground — lawmakers and law enforcement have rallied against their help — a new group of B-list superheroes have come on the scene. But which one is best? Here’s our ranking:

10. He-lectrix
He-lectrix can zap and electrocute his enemies, which seems pretty par for the course as far as superpowers go. But, because this is The Incredibles, he still has great hair and an equally great jumpsuit. (An Edna Mode design, perhaps?)

9. Brick
She’s mighty mighty, letting it all hang out. Brick can expand and fortify her body to match that of a brick wall. Sure, but when it comes to superstrength, the better Incredibles character is …

8. Krushauer
Krushaur is a telekinetic, able to crush objects at will. When, during a pivotal fight scene, Mr. Incredible asks if it’s possible for Krushauer to maybe chill on the crushing, and maybe even un-crush something, Krushauer gets one of the movie’s best laugh lines: “It’s who I am.” Alas, one little line doesn’t earn a spot closer to the top.

7. Tony Rydinger
Ah, yes, the teenage crushes of yore. Tony Rydinger is the object of teen Violet’s affection, and you kind of get it: He’s popular, cute-ish, and wears those turtlenecks. (If Tony were really about that life, though, he’d skip shifts at his family restaurant to smoke cloves and scrawl margin notes in A People’s History of the United States.) Tony is just so blandly affable that he seems a little flat by gooey teen-crush standards.

6. Screech
Screech is sort of owl-like, and his superpower is being sort of owl-like: He can twist his neck 360 degrees, fly, and emit a high-pitched screaming that breaks glass. Not the coolest powers, to be sure, and something about his whole vibe makes it seem like these are powers better used for evil than for good. (Breaking glass windows would be great for robbing an Apple Store!) Anyway, nobody text him in a crisis. The Screech name remains unredeemed.

5. Voyd
Voyd likes to overshare, and is generally nervous when it comes to small talk (especially with her she-ro, Elastigirl). But her power — opening and closing wormholes, allowing for teleportation and moving large objects — is handy. Her anxiety is actually a moving character detail: She’s insecure about her powers and nervous at cocktail hours, and just trying to figure out how to wield her powers fully and with finesse. She also has that Kate Gosselin/”I’d like to speak to your manager” haircut, which I could take or leave, but adds an interesting texture to the Pixar cinematic canon.

4. Reflux
Reflux (real name Gus Burns) is an elderly gentleman with pretty bad acid reflux. But his shortcoming is actually his strength when it comes to fighting crime. Reflux can throw up loads of hot lava, perfect for melting walls, doors, or bad guys. It’s a weird, gross superpower that seems somehow ingenious and offbeat, the kind of superpower that can only be found in the Incredibles’ universe. There but by the grace of spicy foods and overeating go I!

3. The Underminer
The Underminer wanna rob. He was the foe du jour at the end of The Incredibles and he’s back in Incredibles 2, causing the same dirty mischief. His massive drill-car burrows under the ground and into banks so he can rob the vault. (And absolutely wreck the building’s foundation in the process — it’s like he thrives off of property damage!) The Underminer resembles a mole, and has mechanical arms. His only superhuman power is his ability to be a complete jerk, but honestly I kind of respect his willingness to be that bitch! (He’s never caught in Incredibles 2, and an animation that plays during the credits makes it clear that he’s still very much at large. We love an elusive king!)

2. Winston Deavor
Winston Deavor is obsessed with superheroes. He nearly jumps out his own skin with excitement whenever he gets the chance to talk about them, especially if they’ve been unjustly maligned by Washington’s bureaucrats. His wholesome enthusiasm is contagious as he sells the Parr family on what their future could be like with a pro-supers treaty that would let them fly free. (Apparently at one point Winston might’ve been one of the bad guys, but became sweeter through Brad Bird’s rewrites.) If Deavor’s golly-gee gusto won’t win you over, mayhaps Bob Odenkirk’s voice acting will: He’s got a plain midwestern affect that feels like flannel and humility, and makes me want to buy a candle described as “woodsy.” (Get him an audiobook, stat!)

1. Honey
Honey came into Incredibles 2 as the most powerful, quotable, and relatable minor character, and she has finished Incredibles 2 as the most powerful, quotable, and relatable minor character. Honey might be Pixar’s best-ever minor character: The first movie’s “Honey, where’s my super suit?!” exchange is Disney canon. This go-round she doesn’t disappoint: “Where you going ASAP? You better be back ASAP!” Honey has the fewest lines and the highest impact. She not a crime fighter; she cares about her dinner parties and her husband. Honey is the Rihanna’s “Lemon” verse of Incredibles 2: It’s high art that we’re still basking in.

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