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Indiana Jones 5 Production Being Pushed Back Due to Script Issues

Photo: Murray Close/Getty Images

If you had already blocked off July 10, 2020, to go see Indiana Jones 5 then you just got a free day in your calendar. Variety reports that filming, which was supposed to start in April of next year, may be rescheduled by “months, if not a year” since “key members of the creative team have yet to sign off on a finished script.” That makes it highly unlikely Indiana 5 will hit its previously scheduled release date, but inside sources tell Variety that the movie’s two key ingredients, Steve Spielberg and Harrison Ford, remain committed to the project. Just in case, though, someone should check to see if Shia LaBeouf is available to return as the baby Jones if absolutely everything else falls through.

Indiana Jones 5 Production Being Pushed Due to Script Issues