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Michelle Wolf Defends Samantha Bee’s ‘C-nt’ Usage About Ivanka Trump; Insults Ivanka Trump in the Process

Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Samantha Bee herself may have apologized for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” on a Full Frontal broadcast last week, but Michelle Wolf — and numerous other female comedians — believe she was well within her right to do so. As she rationalizes, that’s because the first daughter is as “useless” as they come in the White House. “I mean, Ivanka is part of the Trump administration. She’s fair game. I think it’s very fair to point out that she’s doing a terrible job,” Wolf explained in a new interview with the Daily Beast. “I would guess that most people don’t even know what joke that was in. They probably just saw the headline: ‘Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt.’ They don’t know it was a bit about ICE, and they may not even know that Ivanka posted that picture or really so much about that.”

The fact that Ivanka had a continued presence on the 2016 campaign trail, Wolf adds, was a big reason why her father was elected president — adding more to her complicity. “She’s one of those worst kind of girls. We’re all fooled by her because Eric and Don Jr. aren’t attractive, and then we pull that, Well, she’s just a little girl! She’s just a pretty little girl,” Wolf explained. “And that’s why you shouldn’t underestimate women: They’ll look like a pretty little girl and they’ll steal the children right out from under you.” On the flip side, Wolf recently lampooned the “ugly” personality of fellow White House personality Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It’s not like Wolf and Sanders have a weird origin story or anything.

Michelle Wolf Defends Samantha Bee, Insults ‘Useless’ Ivanka