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James Wan Is Producing an Arachnophobia Remake, Because Your Fear Is What Feeds Him

Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Although James Wan has stepped away from directing horror movies — after delivering Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring — he is still producing quite a few of them. There’s the extended Conjuring universe with Annabelle and the forthcoming The Nun, but it turns out he’s not content to just sling ghost stories. He wants to reach down into the well of your primal fears and resurrect a low-key classic that prompted a generation of moviegoers to start checking their shoes before they put them on. Yes, Deadline reports that Wan is developing an Arachnophobia remake with Amblin, and original director Frank Marshall will executive produce. This is a cruel act, but if this terror must rise again we have two strong requests: Wan better insist on real spiders, and they most certainly should bring back John Goodman. Delbert McClintock, after all, did live to fight another day.

James Wan Is Producing an Arachnophobia Remake